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Welcome to the Music Mart website If you already know Music Mart the magazine, you’ll know that we’re the UK’s only broad-based Music magazine for people buying and selling musical equipment. That means whether you’re a guitarist, keyboard player, drummer, DJ or sound engineer (or all of the above!) we’ll have the right news, reviews and technique advice every month – alongside tons of new and second hand bargains from Britain’s best retailers and gigging musicians like you.

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We are also the only U.K. magazine to offer dedicated monthly PA review coverage – so those at the ‘coalface’ of live music know where to go to get the low down on all the latest equipment that’s going to keep our shows sounding great! So check out our website; where you can browse back-issue reviews and features, check the classified advertising and sign-up to place your own FREE adverts and get rid of that no-longer-needed kit, taking up space in your house or rehearsal space – we’ll even reprint them in the paper magazine FREE OF CHARGE at the first opportunity. Now that’s great coverage… And that’s just the beginning. Also, subscribe to the Music Mart newsletter, and get the low-down on what’s happening in the magazine every month… So you never miss a thing.

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